Brent Michael MD

Dr. Michael Bio

In a recent revision of the Hippocratic Oath, physicians recognize that they are to remember that he/she does not treat a fever, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being. In an era of great debate about healthcare, very little attention is given to the notion that healthcare is a person-to-person relationship.

St. John of God and his followers and more recently in the history of the Order, Br. Richard Pampuri, a physician and Brother, was proclaimed a Saint. He understood that the well-being of a person encompasses a body, mind, and spirit approach to healing. These characteristics are exemplified by Dr. Brent Michael in his medical practice. Since 2004, Dr. Brent has cared for residents at our St. Benedict, St. Pampuri, and now St. Grande at St. John of God Retirement and Care Center. His personal visits to these residents offers them an individualized touch that nurtures a richer life empowering joy. He also makes house calls to over 100 patients needy persons as part of his busy practice. It is for this reason that Dr. Michael was selected to receive the Pampuri Healing Recognition Award, for the personal attention he gives to his residents at St. John of God.

Dr. Michael has an extensive curriculum vita of studies, honors, professional affiliations, medical practice awards and recognitions. His under graduate studies were at Emory University, attending Southern Illinois University for Medical School with Family Medicine Internship at the University of Miami and Family Medicine Residency at UCLA. During his undergraduate years of study, He studied German Opera. Dr. Michael is a professor at UCLA to third- year Medical Students. As a member of the American Red Cross Board Santa Monica Chapter, he coordinates the Disaster Preparedness plan,

Dr. Michael is the founder of an evening clinic known as “Common Ground” in Santa Monica to help “at risk” Homeless Youth. Common Ground is now known as Venice Family Clinic. There he sees all residents despite their financial means.

His field of practice extends to those who have become addicted to opiates and or alcohol. He is a registered Suboxone Addiction/Detoxification Specialist with the American Academy of Psychiatric Medicine.

Dr. Michael says about himself that his most rewarding contribution to medicine thus far has been helping the Elderly. This is part of ” Family Medicine”… a field of medicine that he practices routinely, academically it is called Geriatric Medicine. A component of his practice is that he makes House Calls.

Dr. Michael’s empathic and wholistic approach to the clinical care of seniors at St. John of God makes him a physician who is a practitioner of hospitality. His style of interconnectivity creates bonds that heal and his drive for excellence energizes new hope in the lives of those growing fragile due to memory loss or weakening health.