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Honored to receive the St. John of God Award on November 11

Award Reflects My Commitment to Service of Others

I am honored and humbled to learn that I will receive the St. John of God Healing Award on November 11th at the Jonathon Club. As mentioned in this announcement, the award reflects both my values and the lessons of St. John who brought care and comfort to those in need. Some of the most rewarding parts of my practice have been serving homeless, at risk youth and the elderly. I began house calls to those elderly who are unable to come to my office.

Award is a Good Time To Reflect

To me, the award is a good time to reflect on the connection between medicine and service to others. Medicine is more than healing to me. It is about helping and being of service to those in our community, particularly those in need. The best way to love medicine is to focus on the people we are there to serve. This award helps remind me of that and I hope serves as a inspiration to others who provide care.

Opiate Epidemic

Another group that is fully deserving of our attention, love and help are those struggling with opiate dependency. The opiate epidemic is one of our most critical public health challenges. That is why I added Suboxone to my treatment programs. To learn more about that please look at this post.

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