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New Years Resolutions post by Brent Michael MD

Ringing In Health for the New Year

New Years Resolutions

Here comes that time of year where everyone starts asking everybody of their New Years Resolutions.  In turn, one of the all time cliche’s is to get healthier or to loose weight.

When we think about that term, resolution, what comes to mind.  The definition means to resolve something.  How do we resolve that all to famous question. Definition also states it as a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Many people start this and give up by the end of January.  A slow and steady approach is the only way to resolve this type of New Year’s Resolution.

Your New Years Resolution Behaviors

Behaviors that have led to being unhealthy compounded slowly.  Therefore, need to be undone slowly.  Quitting these unhealthy behaviors cold turkey will lead to withdrawals and possibly more weight gain.

Changing your ways can be done.  Starting with making an appointment with your primary health care provider.  They will be able to help you get started on the right foot.

Doing online research can be your second step.  There is so much information about getting healthier and losing weight.  Using a daily journal, I have found helped my patients tremendously.  Since, seeing everything in black and white holds you accountable.

Also, a daily journal can help your health care provider point you in a different direction if you have hit a plateau.

One Thing at a Time

Changing one thing at a time may also help you gain real traction.  For instance, if you have two alcoholic drinks with dinner shift to one every other day.  After a couple of weeks, shift to only one with dinner every night.

Increasing exercise can start very simply and slowly.  Make yourself just get dressed for it and then see how you feel.  As a result, just the act of changing your clothes for it might make you walk even if it is just one block.

These small steps will lead to success.  This article, written by Kevin B. O’Reilly for AMA Wire website, here is full of great information to get you started.

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